Juvenile Crimes

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The juvenile courts of Colorado have procedures that are distinct from adult criminal courts. If a child or teenager has been charged, the main goal is to make sure there are no major long-term consequences.

In Colorado, Juvenile Offenses relate to those criminal acts that occur before the person is 18 years old, while Adult Convictions relate to those criminal acts that occur when the person is over the age of 18.  The Juvenile System is separate from the Criminal Justice System and Criminal convictions are defined differently from a juvenile adjudication.

An adjudication results when a court determines that proof beyond a reasonable doubt establishes that a juvenile has committed “a delinquent act,” not a crime.  A Criminal Conviction in the criminal context means establishing guilt to a Crime by plea or verdict.  Simply put, a juvenile adjudication is not a criminal conviction.  This is why in a Juvenile Criminal Complaint a child is charged with committing a ‘Delinquent Act’ while in an Adult Criminal Complaint a person is charged with committing a ‘Criminal Act’.

A Juvenile may be accused of committing the same Criminal offenses as an adult, however as they would be adjudicated of a delinquent act there are less severe long term effects.


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Juveniles Charged as Adults

For some crimes, juveniles can be charged as adults. You must be at least fourteen and have been charged with a class one or class two felony or a crime of violence. Juveniles charged with adult crimes can be placed in county jail with adult offenders pending trial, and a conviction may lead to incarceration in prison with hardened criminals.

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