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Are you facing charges in Colorado or the Denver metro area? Don't panic. Christopher T. Braddock, a seasoned defense attorney with over 20 years of experience, is here to fight for you.

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There are few experiences more frightening and damaging than being investigated for and/or charged with a criminal offense. This has the power to drastically change the course of your life by seriously damaging your good reputation, exposing you to costly fines, and perhaps even resulting in imprisonment. Ensure that your interests and rights are protected with dedicated and trusted legal support.

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At Braddock Law, we handle a wide array of criminal accusations ranging from non-violent offenses to violent felonies. Christopher has tried and won numerous criminal jury trials and know what it takes to defend against state and federal criminal charges including:


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With an effective defense strategy that includes interviewing witnesses, obtaining collateral reports, and working with experienced investigators, we protect your interests and rights. Our collaborative approach allows us to evaluate your case thoroughly and advise you on your most effective options.

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