Domestic Violence

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Assault & Violent Crimes | Christopher Braddock, LawyerIf you have been accused of committing misdemeanor or felony spousal abuse or assault against a family member, contact me immediately. I am criminal defense attorney Christopher T. Braddock. I have been defending clients for over 20 years and can help you.

Penalties of a Domestic Violence Violence Charges

Domestic violence relates to violence between members of a household, usually spouses; an assault or other violent act committed by one member of a household against another.

A domestic violence conviction results in penalties beyond a jail sentence. Your ability to purchase or carry a gun is severely impacted if not outright taken away.

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You Have Rights

Prosecutors are extremely aggressive in the prosecution of domestic violence cases. Even if the victim recants the allegations, you could
still remain charged with the crime or be required to abide by a restraining order. Contact me today at my criminal defense law office so I can fight for your rights within the law and stand up to the prosecution’s bullying tactics.

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