Allowances For Colorado Residents Removal From Sex Offender Registry

Sex Offender Registry

If you are convicted of sexual assault or any sex offense in the state of Colorado you could not only face strict immediate penalties if convicted, but after you are finished fulfilling your punishment there will be enduring consequences to work through. Colorado, like most states, requires any resident that has a sex-related conviction on his or her record to register on the “sex offender registry”.

If you have to submit to The Colorado Sex Offender Registry you will have to include your name and personal information. Colorado’s Sex Offender Registration Act categorizes sex offenders into four categories. If your conviction fits into any of these, you will have to register:

  1. An unlawful sexual offense
  2. Enticement of a child
  3. Unlawful sexual behavior
  4. Being a sexually violent predator.

In addition, if any of the following applies to you, you will also need to be included in the registry:

  • Were you convicted or released on the basis of an act covered by one of the four categories above and are you a permanent or temporary resident of Colorado?
  • Were you convicted in any other state that requires you register in their state?
  • Do you have a juvenile record of “unlawful sexual behavior”? This would include a deferred juvenile adjudication.

Petition To Discontinue Sex Offender Registry

If you have had to submit to the Sex Offender Registry, there is a possibility you could pursue having your name removed (if you qualify).  Speak with Attorney Chris Braddock about how we can help walk you through the petition process. Whether helping get you started with filing Colorado’s Petition To Discontinue Sex Offender Registry or representing you at any of the required hearings, let us get started on your case right away. Meanwhile here are a few of the requirements help you know if you qualify

  • 5 Years: Misdemeanor offenses other than class 1 (including indecent exposure)
  • 10 Years: Unlawful sexual contact, class 1 misdemeanor or any class 4, 5 or 6 felony
  • Upon case dismissal: Deferred judgment and sentence for underlying offenses (deferred sentence)
  • Juvenile Adjudications, after successful completion of probation or turning 18, whichever is later.
  • The law allows for people convicted of class 1, 2, or 3 felonies to be removed from the list after 20 years after discharge of sentence.

For counsel regarding clearing your name from the sex offender list or what’s called “deregistration”, contact an experienced defense lawyer, at our Denver law firm today. During your free initial consultation we can discuss your rights and begin to immediately build your defense.