Criminal Defense Blogs by Christopher T. Braddock

Christopher Braddock is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver, Colorado. He received his undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from Washington University in St. Louis in 1988 and his Juris Doctorate from University of Denver in 1993. He has been licensed to practice law in the State of Colorado and in the Federal Courts since 1993.

Sex Crime-Child Trafficking in Colorado

Sex Crime-Child Trafficking in Colorado Crackdown on Sex Crime – Child Trafficking in Colorado With child trafficking making headlines across the nation, the FBI is conducting Operation Cross Country VII to crack down on these notorious crimes. Colorado has been ranked in the top four states in the nation for the number of arrests made … Continued

The Ramifications of Fraud or Embezzlement Charges

The Ramifications of Fraud or Embezzlement Charges Financially motivated crimes such as embezzlement can have long-lasting, severe consequences. Many outcomes of white collar cases of this type are determined by the specific intent of the accused person. Proving intent can be extremely difficult and can be in your favor if you have a qualified attorney … Continued

What Does The Right To A Fair Trial Mean?

Right to a Fair Trial State, federal, and even international law all purport to enforce every individual’s right to a fair trial. The United States Bill of Rights outlines our rights in any criminal prosecution through the Sixth Amendment.  It says: “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public … Continued

Your rights on Drug Charges

You Still Have Rights if You Have Been Brought Up on Drug Charges Drug charges rights Criminal charges of any type are difficult to face. Drug charges should not be brushed off as insignificant. You need to understand what rights you have, and the best way to ensure your rights are protected is by seeking guidance from … Continued

The facts and figures behind Internet luring

The facts and figures behind Internet luring Internet luring is described as using electronic devices such as the Internet or a cell phone to communicate with a child for the purpose of describing explicit sexual conduct or inviting a child to meet for any purpose. Use of technology for Internet luring in Denver and throughout … Continued

Public Indecency and Colorado Sex Offender Sentencing

  In many legal areas, people are given three ‘strikes’ before they’re assumed to be career criminals. Not so in Colorado sex offender sentencing: two strikes, and you’re out. Specifically, if you get charged with public indecency once, and then you get charged with a specific kind of public indecency a second time, you get … Continued

Meth charges can bring serious consequences​

Serious Consequence with Meth Charges Being arrested for methamphetamine charges in Denver is a serious matter. Charges involving meth can range from simple possession of a small quantity of the drug to possession of large amounts with the ability by law enforcement to prove that there was an intent to sell and distribute it. Methamphetamines … Continued

Juveniles Tried as Adults

Factors that Can Lead to a Juvenile Tried as an Adult At times, a judge may feel it is necessary to issue a waiver to move a child or young teen’s case to the adult court system. In most of these cases, the crimes involved with the charges are of the more serious nature or … Continued