Ways To Avoid a Domestic Violence Suit If You Choose To Spank Your Children

Avoid a domestic violence suit

“Rossini would have been a great composer
if his teacher had spanked him enough on his backside.”

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Times have changed since you and I were children. For generations parents and kids alike saw the value of parents providing love through the vehicle of discipline.  Here’s what the American Humane Society says about the importance of good discipline:

“Parental or adult discipline of children should be designed to help children engage better with others and to modify or control their behavior. Providing appropriate discipline to children is one of the most essential responsibilities of a parent. And providing consistent and positive discipline helps children grow into responsible adults.”

Domestic Discipline Vs. Domestic Violence

There’s a difference between discipline and violence. While it’s true some parents cross the line from discipline to violence, if you feel you have been falsely accused of domestic violence charges and you may be at risk of losing your children, you need to retain the counsel of an experienced domestic violence attorney right away.

Adversarial prosecutors are becoming increasingly aggressive in domestic violence cases. If you are found guilty of child abuse or assault and battery, consequences could include:

  • Costly fines.
  • Time in jail.
  • Time in prison.
  • Paying restitution (if personal injury is claimed).
  • Probation.

Boulder Child Abuse And Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

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