Criminal Defense Attorney Denver

Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver

Without a doubt, being charged with a criminal offense can be life-altering. You are dealing with unhealthy amounts of stress all while trying to keep your life and your family together. What are your options? What are the next steps to take? In order to have success in your trial, you need to have an ally that not only has a thorough knowledge of criminal law but has the skill to apply this knowledge to build your case successfully. Witness statements, physical evidence, cross-examination – it is through these aspects of your case that a seasoned criminal defense attorney will be able to challenge the prosecution’s claims. With so much to consider when being charged with a criminal offense, it is essential that you have a Douglas County criminal defense attorney to help you navigate the unique and complex aspects of your trial.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can be one of the worst crimes to be accused of. Such possibly false allegations can ruin your reputation, damage your career, and create turmoil between you and your family. Sexual assault is, in short, any sexual intrusion or penetration that is inflicted against a person’s will or the victim is a minor. Douglas County courts will be emotionally compromised from the accuser’s accusations, as many courts are, and will usually have a bias towards the accused in such trials. In such a scenario, you will automatically have the odds stacked against you before you have a chance to speak. Since cities across Colorado such as Castle Rock, CO take sexual accusations very seriously, it is critical to have the legal support to attempt to ensure that your reputation and livelihood are restored.

Juvenile Crimes Charges Defense

Sometimes children make mistakes – and big ones. If your child has been arrested or has been charged with a juvenile crime, you may have concerns about the possible repercussions your child may face if convicted. Depending on the severity of the crime, your child may still face incarceration or hefty fees. In fact, the court may even decide to try your child as an adult. However, the court still gives juveniles the opportunity to receive lesser repercussions through diversion programs so that they will learn from their mistakes without lasting consequences. With a juvenile crimes charges defense attorney, you will have a thorough understanding of Colorado diversion programs as well as understand if you have a strong case to contest the charge.

Successful attorneys such as Christopher T. Braddock provide excellent legal defense in Castle Rock of Douglas County and other counties throughout Colorado through his extensive knowledge and experience in criminal law.