Does What I Wear to Court Really Matter?

Does What I Wear to Court Really Matter?

Surprisingly, many people ask, “Does What I Wear to Court Really Matter?”  The best answer is, “Yes, it definitely matters.”  Regardless of whether you find that response ridiculous or offensive, your main concern should be ensuring that you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity to have a judge, and/or jury find you innocent of any charges brought against you, and it is a simple fact that the way we dress and carry ourselves impacts other people for the best or worst.

Studies on What You Wear

There have been numerous studies done on the advantages a person has if they are dressed in professional-looking clothing for a job interview, court appearance, doctor’s appointment, or meeting with a bank officer to request a loan versus someone dressed in casual clothing.  Without fail, every study demonstrates those dressed professionally are far more likely to win the approval and obtain what they desire than are those dressed casually. It may sound “old fashioned,” and “stuffy,” but it still rings true that if you want to make a good impression, you will dress accordingly.

What You Should Wear to Court for Criminal Defense in Denver

Attorneys will advise you to dress professionally for all court appearances.  It is not necessary for men to always wear a suit and tie, or for women to wear dresses and high heels, but looking professional does entail wearing a clean and ironed dress shirt, dress slacks, clean and polished shoes for men or women, and of course, dresses or skirts close to knee length or nice pants with appropriate and conservative blouses or tops for women.  This not only shows that you respect the court, but also have respect for yourself and the outcome of your criminal defense.

Reputable Advice from a Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver

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