Finding The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver – Part 2

Finding a criminal defense attorney

Being charged with a crime in Denver, whether it’s a simple assault or something more serious such as a drug crime, can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.

Finding the right Denver attorney to help beat that assault charge, or help find you innocent in any circumstance, is an important first step that will work in your favor as you work through your legal situation.

But how do you decide which attorney is best for you?

There are several possible ways:

Referrals – If you have contacts in the legal profession, ask around and get recommendations for an appropriate defense attorney.

Professional Organizations – The Internet is a great place to start and find legal organizations with members who may be able to assist you.  There are also online directories you can find that will provide you with a number of possible options.

The Colorado State Bar Association Website – This is an impartial listing of attorneys and has a broad selection you can choose from.

For most people, money is a consideration when hiring an attorney, and so it is best to ask about fees up front when contacting an attorney.  Attorneys will either charge an hourly rate or ask for a retainer against services they provide to you.  Others may change a flat fee.  All come with pros and cons, and it’s best to think through which arrangement works best for you early on.

You should schedule an initial meeting with the attorney you choose.  At that time, you will discuss the facts of your case, get a feel for what kind of experience the attorney has as it relates to your charges, get an initial feedback on what kind of defense can be expected, and ultimately decide if you feel comfortable with the attorney representing you.

If you are not comfortable with these things, then you should move on to another attorney until you find one that meets your specific needs and criteria.