Getting Off the Register: A Colorado Sex Attorney’s Advice

Remove me from the Registry!

If you’ve are on the Colorado Sex Offender’s Registry, and you believe you don’t belong there, you can have yourself removed. It’s not a quick process. But given what being on the registry can do to your reputation and your ability to get employment, a rental to live in, and more, it’s often worth the attempt.

In order to get removed from the registry, you must:

  • Petition within the
    correct timeframe (see below)
  • Prove that you have
    completed all of your court-ordered therapy and education,
  • Prove that you meet all
    other probation or parole requirements,
  • Not be considered
    ‘sexually violent,’
  • Not be required to
    re-register as a sex offender quarterly,
  • Have only one conviction
    for a sex crime on your record, and
  • Petition the court for

If you succeed, your name will be removed from the registry,
and all standing requirements for you to re-register will be removed. However,
your conviction as a sex offender will remain on your record unless you also
successfully petition to have that conviction expunged.

Timeframes for Petitioning

If you were convicted of a sex crime, you will be on the sex offender registry for some length of time. Specifically, you cannot petition for removal until:

  • 20 years have passed, if your conviction was for a felony 1, felony 2, or felony 3 sexual crime.
  • 10 years have passed, if your conviction was for a felony 4, felony 5, felony 6, or misdemeanor 1 sexual crime.
  • 5 years have passed, if your conviction was for sexual crime of any grade of misdemeanor other than 1.
  • After your case has been completed, if you received deferred judgment.
  • After your sentence has been completed, if you were less than 18 years old when the crime was committed.

If you believe you don’t belong on the Sex Offender Registry, and you meet the qualifications above, contact Colorado sex attorney Christopher T. Braddock. He will guide you through the process and fight to win you a better chance at a fresh start.