How is My Privacy Protected in a Pornography Case?

What are my privacy protections?

Regardless of the type of pornography charges you face, you have a Constitutional right to privacy for your computer files on all your owned electronic devices. Police have been known to use highly technical forensic tools to search computers, phone records and handheld electronics for evidence in pornography cases. The law provides stringent requirements and limitations on your privacy to prevent police and investigators from prying into your technology without obtaining specific search warrants. If proper procedures have not been followed, any evidence discovered may not be used against you.

Questions Asked to Determine Validity of Procured Evidence

Braddock Law takes an aggressive approach to protect your privacy rights during illegal pornography investigations. Some of the questions that must be answered include:

  • Did the police obtain the proper search warrant based upon probable cause?
  • Was the warrant based on questionable rumors?
  • Did the search warrant specify computer and electronic files, or was the warrant too broad?
  • Did the search warrant include the review of encrypted files?
  • Did the digital data found meet “plain view” requirements?
  • Did others have access to your computer?
  • Can it be proven that you downloaded the questionable material?

There is no detail that Christopher Braddock will miss. You will not find a more thorough legal investigation into the pornography charges you face by any other attorney.

Protecting Your Privacy Rights throughout the Case

As with all legal charges, you should never make a statement regarding your charges to anyone without an attorney by your side. Police have specific training on interrogation methods to extract statements that can and will be used to support their charges. Silence is your best, and only, option until you consult with an attorney.

Contact Braddock Law Firm as quickly as possible to ensure your privacy rights are not violated during a pornography case.