How to find the right criminal defense attorney in Denver – Part 1

Choosing the right attorney

There are many capable defense attorneys in Denver who can assist people accused of a variety of crimes, ranging from burglary and petty theft to more serious crimes.

Because any criminal charge against you is serious, it is in your own best interest to find the best possible attorney for your situation.  Your actions should be thoughtful and well reasoned in making your selection.  With that in mind, there are several steps you should follow to find an attorney who will work the best for your particular case.

First, decide if you need a criminal defense attorney.  If so, to what degree should they be involved.  In virtually all cases, you can only help yourself by talking to an attorney, even if you decide not to have one represent you in court.  The legal system is complicated, and someone who is experienced can always be helpful whether it is a simple consultation or full representation in court.

When interviewing possible attorneys, make sure you understand what their area of expertise is.  Attorneys who concentrate on certain areas of the law are more likely to know prosecutors and judges involved, which can only help your situation.

If you’ve broken a state law, then consider hiring an attorney who specializes in state laws.  If you’ve broken a federal law, then you’ll need a more experienced defense attorney who can dedicate a reasonable amount of time to your particular case.  This is because federal cases are prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office, which has significantly more resources available than city attorneys and county prosecutors.

If you are challenged financially to pay for an attorney, you might have to use a public defender.  You need to understand that public defenders have much fewer resources at their disposal than private attorneys and must handle dozens of cases at any one time.

Whether you are seeking an attorney in Denver to represent you on a burglary charge or something more serious, doing your homework up front to find the person to best represent you, gives you the best possible chance of being found innocent by the courts.