How to Prepare for Your DUI Case

DUI Case Preparations

Even if you believe you are innocent, and there is no way you will be found guilty of a DUI charge made against you, you may find that proving your innocence is not as simple as you hoped it to be.

Christopher T. Braddock will show you how to prepare for your DUI case will provide you with the tools you will need when you appear for your court hearing. Braddock Law will give you the guidance you need to properly prepare for your case.

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Seasoned DUI Attorney in Denver

It’s imperative to have a seasoned DUI attorney familiar with every detail of the process, and one who will partner with you to ensure that you have every opportunity to present the details of your case, as well as one who has a thorough understanding of the blood-alcohol and breath-tests analysis and methods of testing within the law.

Guidance for Your DUI Case

If your DUI defense attorney believes you have a strong case for your defense, or just the opposite based upon evidence, he or she will determine the best options available in taking a plea or requesting a trial before a judge or a jury of your peers.  If you decide on the trial process, your DUI attorney will advise you regarding whether you should testify in your own defense and how your testimony could be interpreted by the jury.  Providing your defense attorney with character witnesses can often strengthen your case, but it is important to keep in mind that anyone who testifies on your behalf may also be cross-examined by the prosecuting attorney(s). Remaining calm and professional throughout each court hearing and the trial process will also work in your favor.

Denver’s DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI offense contact  Christopher T. Braddock at Braddock Law to learn more about how to prepare for your DUI case.