How To Protect My Future If I Am Arrested?

My future after being arrested

“Even if good people fall seven they will get back up.
But when trouble strikes the wicked, that’s the end of them.”

Proverbs 24:16

Even good people make bad choices from time to time. When those bad choices happen at the wrong place and at the wrong time, the consequences can come swiftly and aggressively by way of a public arrest.  When you have been held in custody, detained by the police, or arrested, much of your future is at stake.

Felony or misdemeanor charges on your record can have a very real effect on your future.  Even the arrest itself will be asked about in most every job application and many rental applications you fill out thereafter. As the ancient proverb indicates, it’s not the fall, but what you do after you fall that indicates your true character.

Seeking Expungement

With the advocacy of the right Denver defense attorney, you can fight for your future with the full strength the law provides for the accused and convicted.  The good news is you may be able to get your record cleared by having that arrest or conviction expunged.

One of the most important things for you and your attorney to do after you have been arrested is to understand the expungement procedures of the jurisdiction in which your alleged crime took place. You specifically need to know whether the crime is eligible for expungement, when it’s eligible, how it can be expunged, and what’s the trade off?

Off The Record

In addition, if you were not sentenced to jail time but probation for a time period for example, it may have been determined from the beginning that your crime be taken off your record after probation was served.  But if you don’t take the necessary steps to follow up on the details, this could get overlooked and lost in the shuffle. This could mean even if you believe your record is automatically in the clear, it might not be.

Denver criminal defense attorney Christopher T. Braddock has over fifteen years of experience helping clients understand what all is at stake in the wake of an arrest, leveraging his experience in dealing with a wide scope of cases to help guide the accused through the process with great care. Mr. Braddock has worked with clients on everything from DUI charges to some of the most egregious criminal allegations a person can face. His goal is to seek your best interests and pursue the most positive outcome for you in the immediate aftermath of an arrest.

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