I Have Been Accused of a Sexual Crime, Now What?

What to do if you’ve been accused of a sexual crime.

If you have been accused of a sexual crime, you most likely feel your future is destroyed, even if the charges have no basis of truth. False allegations are common in this type of crime. Heated divorce issues, child custody battles, bad break-ups and cover-ups for consensual sexual behavior often result in charges that simply are not true. Regardless if you have been accused of a sexual crime with or without merit, you need a seasoned Colorado attorney to develop your best defense. Christopher T. Braddock has the experience you will want to fight for you. Even if someone is threatening to accuse you of a sexual crime, you need to enlist legal guidance as quickly as possible.

Steps in the Defense of a Sexual Crime Allegation

As a seasoned sexual crimes attorney, Christopher Braddock will take a proactive stance from the first step in building your defense. If possible, Braddock will attempt to prevent the charges from being formally filed.
Steps involved in the development of your defense include:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of police procedures that lead to your arrest
  • Search the background of your accuser to determine motives
  • Develop a strategy for your best defense based on each detail discovered and all evidence

irregularities or discrepancies found during the investigative period will be used to have the charges reduced or even removed from your record. Braddock will enlist any and all legal means available to protect you, your privacy and your rights.

Sexual Crimes Defense Attorney

As a seasoned sexual crime attorney, Christopher Braddock understands the life-changing consequences this type of charge can carry. He has worked through a multitude of cases, and understands the nuances of the law in this complex legal arena. Do not allow your case to fall into the hands of someone without the experience you need.

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