Meth charges can bring serious consequences​

Serious Consequence with Meth Charges

Being arrested for methamphetamine charges in Denver is a serious matter.

Charges involving meth can range from simple possession of a small quantity of the drug to possession of large amounts with the ability by law enforcement to prove that there was an intent to sell and distribute it.

Methamphetamines are considered a Schedule II controlled dangerous drug in Colorado, meaning it is a substance with a high potential for abuse and has an accepted medical value in the U.S.  Other examples of Schedule II drugs include opium, codeine and morphine.

What to know about meth charges

An arrest for any Schedule II drug should not be taken lightly, but it is also not the end of the world in many instances.

“Many factors determine whether or not crimes involving meth will result in jail or prison time,” said Denver criminal defense attorney Christopher Braddock. “These factors may include previous drug convictions, the amount of meth involved, whether or not it can be proved there was intent to sell or distribute the drug, and the strength of the case’s search and seizure, and evidence processes.”

Any possession of meth is considered a felony, but the amount will determine how much of a penalty is involved.  Drug felonies in Colorado are divided in 4 groups:  Drug Felony 4, Drug Felony 3, Drug Felony 2 and Drug Felony 1.   Possession of two grams or less is considered a Drug Felony 4 and is punishable by up to one to two years of jail time and a fine of up to $100,000.  Possession of two grams or more of meth is considered a Drug Felony 3 and is punishable by up to two to six years in jail with a fine of up to $500,000.

“For defendants facing lesser offenses and who don’t have a prior criminal history, there is a chance they could qualify for a drug diversion program, avoiding jail time completely,” added Braddock.  It’s best not to panic, but to work through the process and mount the best possible defense depending on your circumstances.”