Sex Crime-Child Trafficking in Colorado

Sex Crime-Child Trafficking in Colorado

Crackdown on Sex Crime – Child Trafficking in Colorado

With child trafficking making headlines across the nation, the FBI is conducting Operation Cross Country VII to crack down on these notorious crimes. Colorado has been ranked in the top four states in the nation for the number of arrests made for these types of sex crimes. Unfortunately, when aggressive measures are taken to stop heinous crimes, innocent people are often falsely accused.

Severe Penalties for Child Sex Trafficking in Colorado

While any sex crime conviction will carry heavy repercussions for the guilty, child trafficking carries even higher penalties. Many deprived and abused children have been lured away from their parents or guardians only to find themselves in worse conditions, as they are often prostituted out for money for the perpetrator.  The children are given drugs to further induce the grotesque behavior because they develop an addiction that makes them more willing to perform the illegal acts they are forced to perform.

Local and National Fights against Child Trafficking

When local and national authorities join to search out criminals, it can often turn into something of a witch hunt. Overaggressive efforts can lead to innocent people facing charges that should never be made. While most law enforcement will attempt to avoid these types of tragedies, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may fall victim to false accusations.

Criminal Defense in Colorado

Although it is imperative to hold the guilty accountable for their actions in child sex crimes, it is just as important to not falsely accuse someone of such a hideous behavior if they are innocent. A false conviction could put the wrong person in jail, and even worse, could leave the true criminal free to continue with child trafficking and sex crimes.

If you face child trafficking and sex crime charges, you must seek reputable and experienced legal representation. Christopher T. Braddock will conduct a thorough investigation, develop your best defense and represent you to the letter of the law through the court process.  Do not take these charges lightly. Seek your best defense today. Call 303-675-0100 or contact me online. If you cannot schedule an appointment during weekly business hours, I also offer evening and weekend appointments at my Denver offices.