The Ramifications of Fraud or Embezzlement Charges

Financially motivated crimes such as embezzlement can have long-lasting, severe consequences. Many outcomes of white collar cases of this type are determined by the specific intent of the accused person. It is important to understand the potential penalties, as well as the different types of fraud or embezzlement that could lead to legal action being taken against an individual or organization.

Proving intent can be extremely difficult and can be in your favor if you have a qualified attorney to prove your innocence. Christopher Braddock is skilled in defending fraud, including embezzlement charges, and can help reduce or remove the fines and jail sentence you face.

Embezzlement and Fraud Charges Explained

Embezzlement is a type of fraud which occurs when a person, often an employee, redirects, deposits or transfers money or goods for personal profit. As with most charges, your defense will benefit if you enlist the qualifications of Braddock Law Firm as early in the process as possible. The ramifications of the charges can be greatly reduced if your attorney can start your defense before charges are formally filed; you will have a better chance to prove your innocence or negotiate an out-of-court settlement.

Types of Ramifications for Embezzlement

The ramifications you face can vary greatly depending upon the amount of money or goods that were obtained in a fraudulent manner. At the very least, if found guilty, you will face restitution of the damages or losses suffered by the victim of the embezzlement. You can face additional fines, probation and imprisonment. In addition to the legal ramifications, your reputation can suffer if you are convicted, or even charged, with the fraudulent act of embezzlement.

Fraud and Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

The importance of having a qualified attorney to prove your innocence in an embezzlement case is evident. Christopher Braddock and his team will deliver dedicated defense representation throughout your case. Contact our firm today to develop the defense you need.