An attorney is an integral part of helping you stop domestic violence

How an attorney can help you stop domestic violence

While many citizens of Denver think of domestic abuse as confrontations between spouses, in reality, domestic violence can take place between all kinds of family members, including:

  • Parent abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Spousal abuse
  • Elder abuse
  • Sibling violence

No matter who it is directed at, domestic violence takes many forms ranging from physical assault, threats and intimidation to stalking, economic deprivation, trespassing and harassment, among others.

Cases of domestic violence are most times wrapped in a high degree of emotion and with that, the ability to think clearly and logically can be impaired.  That’s why it is important to consider the services of an attorney who specializes in domestic violence as a way to resolve your issues.

There are many outstanding domestic violence attorneys in Denver.  When considering retaining their services, you should seek an attorney with appropriate credentials and a cost structure that fits your circumstances.  You should also feel comfortable talking to the attorney and sharing private details of your situation.

The domestic violence attorney you select should be able to help you follow through and interpret a variety of legal actions:

Restraining order – In cases where physical threats exist, an attorney can help secure a restraining order, which is a temporary court order that keeps an individual from approaching or contacting the person specified in the restraining order.

Emergency protective orders – When a police officer responds to a domestic violence call, that officer can contact a judge and ask that an emergency protective order is put into place immediately.

Criminal protective orders – A judge can issue a criminal protective order to protect a witness or a victim of a crime.  The order tells an individual to stay away from another person and not to threaten, hurt or communicate with them in any way.

False accusations against innocent family members – It is not uncommon to make accusations against another family member as a way of “getting even” or hurting them for a perceived or actual wrong. In these cases, an attorney is essential to make sure the innocent family member is not victimized through no fault of their own.