The Epidemic of Child Pornography​

Child Pornography is an Epidemic

Time after time, Denver media has the unwelcome task of reporting cases of people accused of various forms of child pornography.  Nationwide, the U.S. Department of Justice estimates that more than one million children have been abused for the purposes of child pornography.  Despite FBI programs such as Operation Rescue Me and the Endangered Child Alert Program, child pornography remains a significant social and criminal problem.

Child pornography did not come to the forefront of federal law enforcement officials until use of the Internet became widespread in the mid-1990s.  Chat rooms encouraged the spread of child pornography and were also used to lure unsuspecting children into committing sexual acts.  Additionally, the use of semi-private pier to pier sharing programs, such as lime-wire led to the wide spread distribution exploitative material.

In Denver, there are many resources to help victims of sexual assault and child pornography.  Some of those organizations include:

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault –
Denver Children’s Advocacy Center –
The Blue Bench –
Wings Foundation –

Because of the serious implications, both social and criminal, associated with child pornography in Denver, the best possible thing an alleged child pornographer can do is retain the services of an experienced attorney immediately.