Child Molestation & Enticement

Child Molestation & Enticement Denver Defense Lawyer

Colorado law enforcement and prosecutors take all sex crimes, including child molestation cases, extremely seriously. Whether you are under investigation for enticement of children or you have been charged with child molestation, you want to talk to an experienced lawyer right away. I am Denver defense attorney Christopher T. Braddock, and I have been protecting clients accused of criminal offenses for over fifteen years.

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Child Molestation & Enticement Charges

Child molestation and enticement charges require a two-pronged defense. On one side, your attorney must seek out facts that support your defense. By interviewing all potential witnesses, I will explore all possible angles to put holes in the prosecution’s case.

Because these crimes have a potential punishment of life imprisonment it is imperative that a mitigation investigation is started immediately. Whether this is interviewing family and friends for relevant background information, obtaining medical records or other relevant records or using mental health experts, it is imperative that all avenues are explored to to identify potential character witnesses or defenses.

There are things that can be done to fight these charges in any case.

Child Molestation

There are a number of different types of child molestation charges, ranging from unlawful sexual behavior to sexual assault.  The alleged conduct will determine the severity of the felony charged.

Only child molestation charges may be enhanced by pattern offenses and/or position of trust.  Anyone who commits a sex crime from a supervisory role, such as a parent, pastor, babysitter, or coach, will face greater risks if convicted.


False Accusations of Child Molestation

Sex Crimes | Attorney Christopher BraddockChildren do make false accusations. If you have been falsely accused of child abuse, there are things we can do to prove it. The state will present testimony from interviews, and it is my job to disprove and discredit their case. My first step is to seek permission to interview the child making the accusations, but I will explore every possibility to discredit false allegations.

If you have been charged with child molestation, you know the consequences are high and you know you have to do everything you can to fight them. My Denver office is open during weekly business hours, and I also offer evening and weekend appointments. Contact me today for more information about your defense.

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