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Juveniles Tried as Adults

Factors that Can Lead to a Juvenile Tried as an Adult At times, a judge may feel it is necessary to issue a waiver to move a child or young teen’s case to the adult court system. In most of these cases, the crimes involved with the charges are of the more serious nature or … Continued

I Have Been Accused of a Sexual Crime, Now What?

What to do if you’ve been accused of a sexual crime. If you have been accused of a sexual crime, you most likely feel your future is destroyed, even if the charges have no basis of truth. False allegations are common in this type of crime. Heated divorce issues, child custody battles, bad break-ups and cover-ups … Continued

How to Prepare for Your DUI Case

DUI Case Preparations Even if you believe you are innocent, and there is no way you will be found guilty of a DUI charge made against you, you may find that proving your innocence is not as simple as you hoped it to be. Christopher T. Braddock will show you how to prepare for your DUI case will … Continued

Does What I Wear to Court Really Matter?

Does What I Wear to Court Really Matter? Surprisingly, many people ask, “Does What I Wear to Court Really Matter?”  The best answer is, “Yes, it definitely matters.”  Regardless of whether you find that response ridiculous or offensive, your main concern should be ensuring that you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity to have a judge, … Continued

How is My Privacy Protected in a Pornography Case?

What are my privacy protections? Regardless of the type of pornography charges you face, you have a Constitutional right to privacy for your computer files on all your owned electronic devices. Police have been known to use highly technical forensic tools to search computers, phone records and handheld electronics for evidence in pornography cases. The … Continued

What It Means to be on Probation in Colorado

Probation Defined If you have been charged with and convicted of a felony or misdemeanor you may be eligible for probation after a risk assessment evaluation to determine the level of supervision you will need to prevent your becoming a repeat offender. The Court will set specific conditions and terms depending upon the type of offense committed … Continued